18 May 2011

Tutorial: Make a cushion seat

I knew I wanted to cushion my stool because I knew I was going to spend hours and hours sitting on it. (Read: Dream.)

I love that if i get bored of the colour, changing the fabric would be painless.

The key ingredient in making a cushioned seat - A STAPLE GUN.
(I mulled over using thumb tacks but decided $7.50 was more than a worthwhile investment)

Staple gun
Foam / Stuffing (I would highly recommend foam)

1. Size your materials. 
Flip the stool upside down. Mark out and cut the foam the same size as the seat. 
Measure and cut the fabric. I.e. Diameter of seat x 2 + height of foam + height of seat = diameter of fabric. D x 2 because I wanted the fabric to cover the bottom as well. You could just eyeball it. I used pinking shears to keep the fabric from fraying. 

2. Staple the fabric to the seat.  
Remember not to shift the seat or foam to avoid a wrinkled cushion.

I find it helpful to staple in intervals. Fold and staple the fabric all around (see: 1), pulling the fabric taut. Then work in between (see: 2 then 3) and so on. This would ensure that you have a even distribution of fabric all around. 

3. When you feel the fabric's nice and secure, neaten it up. 
I opted for "box pleats" here, simply by taking the fabric that was standing up (you'll know what I mean if you stapled in intervals) and fold it down the way you would the sides of a christmas present. Tuck in the cut edges to prevent fraying and staple.

Completely clashing with the decoupaged bottom, but well, thats the way I like it. 

Note: Staples are pretty easy to get out so if you "make mistakes", just pull them out and start over. The wood would have a collection of holes though, but it was an OLD stool anyway, right?

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