24 April 2011

a thought.

I'm pretty inspired by the philosophy of these people (them who made the owl).

I love finding free stuff on the internet. Who doesn't! And yes, people might put up free tutorials, giveaways, downloads to attract more hits leading to advertisers and sponsors, but I'd like to think that there are those who genuinely want to spread the love of their craft.

Optimism overload, maybe. Who can judge intentions right? Regardless, I know I've benefitted from the proliferation of free stuff. In fact, this blog is a testament of 'you can learn anything from the internet'.

So thank you, people who are spreading the love. I am a product of your preaching.


  1. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for the very nice words :) Yes, I believe in sharing! To me it's the core of creativity: give it all away, get feedback and improve ones' self. And by doing so, I've been on an inspiring journey for quite some time now.
    honestly, making a lot of friends is rewarding on many levels. A simple notion like you (on the other side of the planet!) just did right here spreads the love and truly makes my day.

  2. well, here's shooting encouragement your way! i hope your journey continues and takes you places. you keep sharing! i'll spread that love (in some small way)