23 April 2011

paper pets.

Pretty much obsessed with Paper coming to life. Amazing stuff.

Step 1: Print out template. Save ink - print on 'draft setting' to get the outlines. I used 160gsm paper so it would be a bit sturdier. 

Step 2: Color it in! I used faber castell felt tip markers (insert heart here).
Step 3: Draw your own designs. Relive your childhood. Relish the moment.
Step 4: Cut out template.
Step 5: Fold accordingly. The template tells you which folds to glue first. Genius. 

Step 6: Make another one (or two) for company. 

Step 7: Admire its hooting cuteness.

So much satisfaction, so little effort!

/edit/ I found downloads for paper superheros. I'm so excited. BIG plans to make my own fantasy superhero team. Superman, I'm sorry, but you will not be part of it. 

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