12 November 2011

Wedding balloon decorations

Back date: February 2009 

It was my first ever event. Starting off simple, it exploded into a full out job - the sanctuary decor, reception table, signing table, bridesmaids bouquets, dinner balloons. I think I shaved off about a year of my life from the stress. Months before, I was already trawling the www for ideas, DIY tutorials, materials. I had bookmarked so many ideas it was overwhelming. The internet is really such a valuable resource.

Reception table: 

{tulips! so pretty but what a pain in humid weather} 

 {vases from ikea}


{down the aisle}

 {cloud nine clusters + tulle}

Wedding dinner arch: 

<3 this couple. Thanks for the opportunity (and trust)!

After every event I tell myself never again! Too much stress! ...and then the next one comes along. 

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