10 April 2011

Christmas outdoor balloon decoration

Last christmas, I gave you my heart (read: blood, sweat, and tears)

The Christmas of 2010, I undertook what must have been the most stressful project of my life. Christmas carnival decorations. So, so many changes, so many (read: architectural, meteorological, monetary, monetary, monetary) constraints. By the end of the day, I was just thankful that everything was over, and still up.

At the front entrance:

Because of the wind (read: typhoon), the middle cluster of the arch had to be taken down halfway


 {from inside}

{side view}

At the ticket counter:

{i <3 3' superagate balloons}

The wind drove me mad, toppling the columns one after another. I gave up trying to weigh it down inconspicuously and stacked chairs behind instead.

At the side entrance:

 {winter wonderland!}

{fast friends in the playpen}

The snowmen are 3' and 260q balloons. I decided they (and my sanity) needed protection, hence the many donottouchtheballoons signs. The fence was also built, starting off as extra 260q lying around. Of course in spite of all this, they continued to be poked. There's just something about balloons which make people want to hit them. Oh, the heartache. 

At the end of the day, it was fun.

{the best workers, who bring sparkling ribena when columns are falling down down down}

a happy face.

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